Fallout : Lonestar Team

Fallout: Lonestar is a project developed by Fallout fans from around the world. Each contributes their skill and free time to create a new world for the Fallout community to explore. This process is accomplished in our free time, so production is very slow at the moment.

If you’re interested in joining the team have a look at the Recuiment Page

  • Christopher Means

    Project Founder & Principle Writer

    A typical human, Christopher evolved normally and without eliciting suspicion from those around him. He founded the Fallout: Lonestar project out of a desire to never have free time ever again. A background in publishing and journalism helped him develop the story forFallout: Lonestar, while his day job as a Game Tester continues to convince others he is most certainly a real person and not an artificial intelligence.

  • Jack Shipley

    Project Manager & Producer

    Jack has been playing video games since he first received an Atari 2600 in 1982. It was a “fad” he never grew out of. For over 30 years Jack has played everything from shooters to text adventures, world conquest simulations to whatever Pokémon is supposed to be. It was his love of one particular RPG, however, that led him to Fallout: Lonestar. An aspiring game designer himself, Jack brings his many years of project management experience to the forefront to help lead this fantastic, global team of passionate modders, artists, and Fallout fans to the finish line.

  • Jackie Izawa

    Social Media & Community Manager

    Jackie realized her love for video games at a very young age when she first picked up an NES and hasn’t looked back since that moment. She was first involved with Fallout Lonestar as a narrative designer and her aspirations to build and support a community that encourages the geeky and nerdy culture paved the way for her to manage the project’s online and community presence.

  • James Guenthner

    Music Director and Lead Composer

    James has been an avid gamer for as far back as he can remember. Being surrounded by the music of masters, such as Koji Kondo, Martin O’Donnell, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and other cinematic and video game composers who added life to mediums he loved, James found himself motivated to pursue the art as well at the University of North Texas and as a freelance music producer and composer elsewhere. Music in video games is meant to immerse the player in the tapestry woven by the narrative, art, and mechanics, so James is proud to be leading the team involved with creating a musical landscape suited to the Texas wasteland.

  • Payton Quinn

    Art Director

    Frequently referred to online as “Dogtooth” due to the canid appearance of his mouth, Payton is well known as a coffee fiend and frown enthusiast, and is rarely be spotted without at least one cup of joe (no sugar) on his desk. He became involved with art a young age, quickly picking up illustration, before moving on to sculpture, and then into digital art with the release of TES: IV Oblivion. Payton was brought onboard Fallout Lonestar as a character artist, in charge of bringing our wonderful and varied companions to life. A passion for art and dedication to learning brought him to head up the art team, ensuring consistent progression of projects with high quality, cohesive visuals.

  • Max Supler

    Narrative/Level Design

    Inspired by the world-building of Science Fiction and Fantasy in his youth Max absorbed movies and books alike until he found a medium that brought world-building to another level. RPG video games like Fallout brought an interesting main plot with a wasteland full of twists and discovery which engrossed him. He sought a double major in Creative Writing and Digital Technology & Culture at Washington State University to pursue one purpose; making captivating worlds with compelling storytelling.

Project Lead
Christopher Means

Project Founder / Principal Writer

Jack Shipley

Project Manager / Producer


Jennifer Means


Jackie Izawa

Social Media / Community Manager

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Max Supler

Narrative/Level Design

Dylan Birtolo


James Guenthner

Music Director / Lead Composer

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Sam Lee


Dan Thomas

Level Designer

Payton Quinn

Art Director

Yana Dmitruk

Lead Artist


Bogna Gawrońska

Concept Artist

Lara Lunardi

Concept Artist / Costume Designer


Veera Arvola

3D/2D Artist

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Zuzanna Szabłowska

Concept Artist

Cesar Cavazos

3D Artist

Matt Cerasoli

3D Artist


Web Design
Devan Thompson



Samantha Wallschlaeger

Head Writer

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Charles Battersby


Colby Rice


Miles Wimbrow


Gage Allen

Media Producer