Meet the Writers
By Jackie on September 10, 2015

A few words from our writing department:



Hello, Wild Wastelanders!

Samantha Wallschlaeger here, Head Writer for Fallout: Lonestar. As you already know, we’ve chosen to move our mod to the Fallout 4 GECK, but that doesn’t mean we’ve halted production. Far from it, in fact. My team and I have been working extra hard to craft the perfect story experience for you to dig your (death)claws into.


It’s long been my philosophy that what truly moves us in a game’s story is its characters. We relate to them, laugh with them, mourn their deaths. A good set of characters is what makes a game’s world feel real. It’s for this reason we’ve chosen to focus on character in Fallout: Lonestar, to create a set of companions you’ll truly bond with and make their existence integral in the main plot.


Lonestar is unique in that we’ve chosen to make companion recruitment essential. In fact, you can’t complete the main plot without it. But this means we’ve had to work hard to make each companion worth recruiting, not only through their combat capabilities but through their depth of story and personalities. For that reason, this summer each of our writers has put his or her focus wholly on one companion, from beginning to end. We’ve been crafting pickup quests, upgrade quests, deviations in the main plot based on companion choice, and even ways for companions to interact with each other. The result is nothing less than extraordinary—six deep, complex characters, each suited to a different play style, each with his or her own views and opinions and suggestions.


But behind every great character is a great writer, and we’ve got talented writers in spades. Aside from our fearless leader Christopher Means, our project manager and producer Jack Shipley, and myself, we’ve taken on a new group of writers who have proven to be talented powerhouses of narrative design. Among our numbers we have a wildly popular Fallout lore podcast host, an accomplished author, a programmer at Microsoft, and a tester at ArenaNet. Our awesome team includes the writing skills of Charles Battersby, Colby Rice, Dylan Birtolo, and Max Supler. It’s unbelievable how much talent we’re surrounded by, and I’m incredibly lucky to have such a skilled team. Head to our website and check them out!


We’re working extremely hard to bring you the best story experience possible, and we’re so excited to show you what we’ve been toiling away at all summer. We just know you’re going to love navigating the dusty Texas trails.


Stay strong, my Lonestar Ghouls!