The Ranger will need to recruit gunslingers, vigilantes, mercenaries, and outlaws to protect the Pass. They’re not the best of the best, or heroes in their own right, but they’re willing, able, and reasonably priced.


At some point in the last five years, people in the Pass started hearing the name Ebru Gunel. Salvage teams told second hand stories about traders or salvage teams going in for the big score, only to get hijacked or double-crossed by a smooth-talking ghoul. Eventually, Van Buren “Wanted” printouts were pinned to every bounty board there was, andhoul, bored and burdened by a thrill-seeking itch a mile wide. Ebru has organized heists, performed assassinations, robbed, cheated, lied, and conned his way from one side of the territory to the other.


Obsessive treasure hunter from the north, Molerat doesn’t play well with others. Pathologically. No one’s sure why, but he just doesn’t think like the rest of us. Which may be what separates Molerat from the rest of his colleagues. Able to get into places no one else can, or even dares to try, Molerat is a respected, but avoided treasure hunter.


A member of the Casino Nation, Molerat is far from his native lands. Like many in the Nation, he’s come to seek his fortune in Lonestar after the notorious Thanksgiving Day treaty.


Kidnapped by slavers at the age of 14, Rhona’s family was too poor to pay the ransom. Sold to a group of Roughneck water miners, she was forced to dig tunnels and fix water pipes for years. Then she escaped.


In the two years since, Rhona has made a living as a bounty hunter while she tracks down her old captors one at a time. A sharpshooter by nature, Rhona likes to keep people at a distance. Bounties pay out more if they come in alive and Ms. Ransom knows all the spots on the body a person can stand to lose.


A smuggler from beyond the Great Wall, Tabitha is aggressive, analytical, smart, and stubborn. Sticking to the plan is both her greatest asset and ultimate flaw, as stubbornness leads to inflexibility. If all goes according to plan, little can stand in her way. When things don’t go her way, Tabitha is the last to stand down.


Which is why Tabitha is an inmate of Van Buren Prison. The facility has thus far contained Tabitha at substantial cost, much to the warden’s frustration, because Van Buren’s death penalty protocol states that no prisoner is allowed to die, by violence or neglect, under any circumstances. A fact that Tabitha exploits daily to make her stay as unpleasant for everyone else as it is for her.


No one is sure where Sherf came from, all they know is that one day he arrived and declared himself Sheriff of, well, everything in general. It calls itself a “super mutant”, and while no one knows what that means, people tend not to question it.


An Ogre of the Law, Hero of the People, Sherf dispenses justice to the wasteland through a romantic naive understanding of law and order. Sherf is the hero of the story playing out in his mind, while defeating villains, cut-throats, and bandits in the real world. More or less.