Food of the Texas Wasteland
By Jackie on September 29, 2015

And introducing our 2D/3D artist, Veera Arvola! She wanted to share this with you all.


“Throughout the Fallout series I’ve always found the various food & prop items to be one of the most interesting features – they tell you a lot about the Pre-War World and strengthen immersion. Since Fallout: Lonestar takes place in Texas and the story revolves around food, the quantity and importance of food items is going to be more essential than previous games.


I’ve been making game art & design for almost a decade. Together with my husband I run Nekobolt, a tiny game studio in Finland. I joined the Fallout: Lonestar team because I love the concept and I’ve always loved the Fallout series. Below are some of the food items I created specifically for Lonestar. Let us know what you think!”


MOD_FL_FI_PRE_Wasteland_taco MOD_FL_FI_PRE_Toaster_Tarts MOD_FL_FI_PRE_Cheesteroids MOD_FL_FI_PRE_Chili MOD_FL_FI_PRE_Chocolate_Nut_Spread


Hungry? Me too.


Until next time, community!