When will Fallout: Lonestar be released?

Because this is currently an unfunded project, estimating a time for completion is very difficult, but it won’t be until after the release of Fallout 4.

Is this just a mod for Fallout or would be considered separate from the game entirely? Will there be anything connecting it to the existing Fallout titles?

Actually, Fallout: Lonestar will be a total conversation mod based on the Fallout 4 engine!  It will be a standalone storyline with its own player character and plot, and have little to no connection to lore from the existing titles.

What systems will it be available on?

It will be designed primarily for PC, though it has been announced that there will be full mod support on the Xbox One and eventually the PS4. This means it’s not impossible to also play Lonestar on consoles as well.

How much will Fallout: Lonestar cost?

Fallout: Lonestar is a free, total-conversion modification. The only cost is purchasing Fallout 4. Bethesda’s paid mods program was discontinued earlier in 2015 and it is unclear if that will return. We’ve made no decisions on whether or not we would participate if that program returns.

How far along is Fallout: Lonestar?

We are currently in pre-production, developing characters, locations, quests, dialogue, and so on. Our goal is to have as much content prepared as possible before the new G.E.C.K. launches.

Are the ruins of cities (El Paso, Abilene, Ft. Worth, etc.) going to be closer to how they look on a real map in terms of size and layout? Or are liberties going to be taken in their design?

It is very likely that we will be taking liberties with the proposed Pass (El Paso) territory in our world design. However, El Paso will remain the basic model for the design, which will resemble the city in regards to structure and landmarks. Liberties have already been taken in regards to changes made after the divergence point (alternate Fallout timeline).

Will the (Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave, Followers of the Apocalypse) be involved in Fallout: Lonestar?

No. Given the distances involved and the lack of established Texas canon, we have chosen not to include the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout: Lonestar. We want Lonestar to be a unique Fallout setting with new and original factions. This is intended to avoid conflicts with existing Fallout canon and to allow us to use new ideas, rather than leaning on conventional Fallout touchstones. That being said, we understand what makes the wasteland recognizable in Fallout, so we will do our best to balance the old with the new.

Are you taking any ideas from the other Fallout game set in Texas, even though it may not be canon?

At this time we are not including content created from non-canon titles such as Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. We want to keep the option open for Fallout: Lonestar to become canon, so its best to stick with new content.

Is there anything being added into this that would make it stand out from any other current Fallout games? (vehicles, horses, being able to take over a town, etc.) Something that fans wanted in a Fallout Game but hasn’t been delivered as of yet?

Thanks to the trailers for Fallout 4, we already know that some of the features fans have been requesting will be implemented. We look forward to taking advantage of these features when the G.E.C.K. is released.  It’s one of the reasons we choose to wait for Fallout 4.

Will the story intersect with any stories from the east coast or the west coast? Or will this be a self-contained journey with little or no references to either?

It will, most likely, remain its own self-contained journey. We’ve gone to great lengths to avoid canon conflicts, but, honestly, Fallout has done a pretty good job of not mentioning Texas, so the division between East, West, and Texas is already established.

Will there be any Super Mutant or Ghoul settlements or is the whole mutant segregation that is prevalent in F3 and NV not as pronounced in Lonestar?

Ghouls are a universal Fallout phenomenon, whereas Super Mutants occur only in places where vats of the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) are stored. While there is nothing prohibiting the existence of FEV in Lonestar, we decided to keep the super mutant population down to just the one: The companion Sherf.


Ghouls play a prominent role in Fallout: Lonestar as they have in previous titles. At this time, the settlement of “Bliss” is our largest Ghoul community. In regards to segregation, ghouls have always had it rough in the wasteland, so we don’t expect that to change any time soon.

Will there be Vaults?

Yes. Vault 50 will be located in the Pass.

How much of Texas are you going to incorporate? Just the west, or other parts like the Dallas/Fort Worth area or San Antonio?

With our current resources, Fallout: Lonestar will only feature locations inside or near the Pass (El Paso). Other locations have been developed as “mention only” locations that are relevant to the story, but are not currently scheduled to be created in-game.

What about original soundtrack creation/music team creation?

We will have all new, original music for Fallout: Lonestar.  Our intro theme has already been composed by Matthew Vince and can be listened to here.

I would like to help out. What can I do?

We’re always looking for assistance to help us bring Fallout: Lonestar to fruition. Do you think you have skills that could help? Check out the recruitment page here on our website.