Behind the Music of Lonestar
By Jackie on September 22, 2015

I am pleased to introduce you all to the lead in our music department:


Howdy, Folks!


I’m James Guenthner, music director and lead composer for the music team of Fallout Lonestar.

Fallout Lonestar is set to be a full conversion mod including a whole new set of radio songs and an original soundtrack with completely new cinematic cues, stingers, etc., so we want to make sure that you all are in the loop about our ambitions as well as giving you the best possible understanding of what goes into doing what we do.




(Note: this was made prior to working closely with the NV G.E.C.K, so it wouldn’t work exactly like this in practice, but you get the point)


What this boils down to is that each dungeon would require roughly seven different tracks with similar connected material to play as:

  1. Calm – Day
  2. Calm – Night
  3. Caution – Day
  4. Caution – Night
  5. Danger
    1. Intro
    2. Body
    3. Outro


The regions, other than dungeons, would only require four tracks which would play as derived from faction karma:

  1. Neutral
  2. Friendly
  3. Allies
  4. Hated


And then, of course, we would need a general action track that would run in non-dungeons for fights that occur as well as pause, level up, and death music.

All in all, a mod of the scope we want to build would likely require over an hour to two hours of just background music as described above with additional custom tracks made for cinematics, scripted events, and stingers!

It is an exhausting process, but, we love it, and it’s what motivates us to continually work to make an atmosphere that draws the player into the lore and world we are building!


Just to show how a new track comes into being, here’s a video showing a sped up hour and a half of me mocking up pause music from a raw state with only a few ideas jotted in as a starting point:


Fallout Lonestar Pause Music Demo Creation


This particular track was made on the fly with a few ideas drawn from motifs in the main theme and elsewhere, but tracks will vary in origination from full-fledged notation with meticulous harmonic and melodic planning as a team in traditional mediums to doodles made on a napkin and played on a piano or guitar by one of us that gets made into a track an hour later. From here, they get critiqued for thematic relevance, quality of sound, and mood continuity by the team and directors, who will know more about the narrative and lore, to ensure the final iterations (which could be dozens of versions from the original, depending on the demo) are up to snuff.


While the same will hold true for original radio songs, we are also planning to mostly add public domain tracks from the 20s, 30s, and 40s with just a few original songs by us, so it won’t be nearly as time sensitive.


Our aim really is to provide a product on par with an actual Fallout title, so check out our work as we place it online and give us some feedback to help make a game you’d love to play!


We are always looking for talented, eager to help out musicians, so drop us an email at if you would like to join Sam, myself, and the other contributors on the Lonestar music team!


That’s it for now! Stay safe, Wastelanders!